Wiring Harnesses, connecting the technologies of industry

The image features an electrical wiring harness, which is commonly used in automotive and other complex machinery to bundle numerous wires together for organization and protection. The wires are encased in a protective black sheathing and split off into various branches, terminating in multi-pin connectors. The connectors are designed for quick release and secure connection, and the colored wiring within them is visible. Such harnesses are typically custom designed for specific applications, ensuring connectivity between different parts of a machine or vehicle. The grey background accentuates the harness, highlighting its intricate routing and construction.

We’ve been manufacturing Wiring Harnesses for nearly half a century!

What’s more, we still lead the way… with Our 200+ strong team of operators trained in accordance with IPC, a fully dedicated and experienced in-house technical department a dedicated sales and support team all operating from our 50,000 Sq. Ft. operational facilities.

We are truly a relationship led brand, building strong connections for mutual growth. We service a variety of industries including transportation equipment, medical products, data centres, telecoms, and industrial machinery. All of our Wiring Harness production services utilise the latest technologies, including…

• Soldering – Fully automated and hand soldering
• Ultrasonic Welding
• Automated wire cut, strip & crimping
• Automated wire cut, strip, twist & tin
• Automated labelling
• PCBA integration
• Automated wire sealing
• Inkjet marking

Wiring Harnesses are in our veins, partnerships are in Cornelius Electronics DNA. Connect with us today and discover how we can power up your products and projects.

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