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Unleash 250+ IPC
Trained Operatives

Outsourcing your manufacturing
can be a tough decision, choose
control, success & growth with
Cornelius contracting solutions.

Cornelius has the contract manufacturing and supply chain experience to package up and deliver high resilience products efficiently to market, realising the greatest opportunity for increasing your output and reducing your costs. Take control of your prices, fix your margins, improve your cash flow, move quicker to market and scale faster with a smart and true partnership.

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Streamline Your Supply Chain

One Order

Streamline your procurement process with a single or repeatable order. Simplify your admin, reduce paperwork and limit part numbers. Enhance processing efficiency with our integrated, one-order system.

One delivery

Experience seamless supply chain management with our one-delivery note solution. Eliminate the hassle of coordinating multiple shipments and ensure timely, consolidated deliveries for enhanced convenience. Simple.

One invoice

Enjoy financial clarity with our one invoice approach. Consolidate billing for all of your products into a single, transparent invoice. Streamlining your accounting process & providing a clear overview of expenses.

What is the real cost
of your project?

Control your costs & margin with an
‘out of the box’ solution from Cornelius. We manage all of the below processes & costs so you don’t have to...


53Component Types

257Individual Components

53Stock locations

35Meters of Wire

286Wire Terminations

286Test Points



19Purchase Orders

19Delivery Notes


19Carriage Charges





14Delivery Vehicles

16Kg’s Packaging Waste


Take control of your costs, overheads, and output:

• Understand the true cost to your business
• Fixed prices = Fixed margin
• Improve your cash flow
• Quicker to market
• Scalable production quantities


A trusted partner delivering time sensitive projects, working with leading global manufacturers and delivering high resilience products. We are 240 highly skilled operators with £3 million invested in the latest automation and test.


Procurement professionals can be assured that Cornelius has the manufacturing and supply chain experience to deliver high resilience products efficiently to market, realising the greatest opportunity for increasing your output and reducing your costs.

Product designers will enjoy freedom in design by utilising our manufacturing resource to deliver repeatable controlled quality through enhanced manufacturing techniques.

Why Cornelius?

Privately Owned
Established In 1979

50,000 Sq Ft
operational Facilities

250+ Fully
Trained Employees

Certified To ISO 9001
& ISO 14001

UL Listed

GBP £5 Million Invested
In Test & Production Plant

Engineering &
Technical Support

Designed For Efficient Production

Prototyping &
Testing (In House)

High Mix, Medium
Volume Production

Flexible Production

Integrated Supply
Chain Management

One Stop Turnkey
Provider Solutions

Build To Order,
Build To Stock

Call Off Order &
Stock Holding Services

Quick Question...

Yes, we are a design, build and ship manufacturer… not just a brand. We have invested millions in our estate, plant, technology, systems and people to control and ensure we deliver on our quality, quantity and deadline promises.

Our privately owned facilities span over 50,000 Sq. Ft. and are driven by over 250 trained & experienced operatives. We are a flexible powerhouse of high mix, medium volume capacity with a UK and global wide client base.

Absolutely, we are committed to our industry and take great pride in our highly regarded reputation for service, methods and quality. To action our commitment, our certifications include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & UL/CSA.

Established over 40 years ago and growing year on year, every decision we take contributes to our robust growth strategy. We believe in true partnerships, working closely with our clients to achieve mutual long term success.

With over £4m already invested in plant, systems & technology our production floors are a finely tuned hybrid of automated and hands-on production. We’re designed from the ground up to be competitive, why not find out by asking for a quote?

Why Outsource to Cornelius Electronics Ltd? In the fast-paced world of electronics contract-manufacturing, outsourcing has become a strategic choice for companies aiming to stay competitive. At Cornelius we offer more than just a service; we provide a seamless and efficient partnership that empowers your business to grow through streamlined supply chain management.

Our commitment to simplifying your operations begins with a revolutionary approach to your supply chain management and ordering options. Contracting with Cornelius, you can streamline your procurement process with either a single or repeatable order setup. This not only reduces paperwork burdens and administrative costs but also limits part numbers. All contributing to enhancing processing efficiency, reducing wasted management time and saving on costs through our integrated ‘one order’ system.

With over 40 years of experience, 50,000 Square feet of facilities and 250 trained employees, your business will benefit from a seamless supply service with our one-delivery solution. Eliminate the potential failures and obstacles of coordinating multiple shipments and ensure timely, consolidated deliveries for maximum efficiency.

Our ‘one invoice’ approach brings financial clarity, consolidating billing for all your products into a single, transparent invoice. With stock on shelf services and call off orders, this not only streamlines your accounting processes but also provides a clear overview of forecasts and expenses.

Control your costs and margins with our 'Out of the Box' solutions. Understanding the true cost of your project is essential for effective decision-making. At Cornelius Electronics, we take the guesswork out of the equation by managing manufacturing costs comprehensively. Our IPC trained operatives ensure that your products meet the highest resilience standards, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

By outsourcing to Cornelius, you gain control over your prices, fix your margins, improve cash flow, move quicker to market, and scale faster. Your business benefits from freeing up your people and your time, while unleashing our experienced teams in delivering your products as you need them at the time you need them. Outsourcing with us realises the greatest opportunity for increasing your output and reducing your costs.

Choose success, make the smart choice for your electronics manufacturing needs. Choose Cornelius Electronics and multiply the potential of your business.

Cornelius Electronics