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Using the latest CAD-CAM technology
Cornelius vacuum forming is a
powerhouse of high quality
Thermoformed Plastics supply

Forming airtight partnerships... Balancing the power of state of the art plant and the finesse of the human touch, Cornelius Vacuum Forming is a powerhouse of high quality thermoformed plastics supply. Utilise the latest CAD CAM manufacturing and experienced dedicated plastics team to shape your growth. We supply scalable and controlled quality vacuum formed products to a range of industries and verticals.

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Connecting the technologies of industry


Cornelius Electronics has been engineering Vacuum Forming for over 40 years. However, we’re so much more than just a manufacturer! We’re here to listen, process, advise and solve your supply and product problems.


Cornelius Electronics is founded on the inherent belief of TRUE working partnerships. With your vision and our expert technical department we will work together to prototype and engineer the perfect harness solutions for you.


With over 250 fully trained operatives we will bring your vision into production. From our 50,000 Sq Ft facilities we will deliver sustainable, controlled scalability. Supplying the harnesses you need, when you need them.


The product cycle doesn’t end with your delivery. What did we learn, what do you need next, how can we streamline your supply chain, how can we work together for sustained mutual growth? Strong partnerships, lasting connections.

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3 & 5 AXIS

Robotic trimming and a suite of industrial formers

Quick Question...

Yes, we are a design, build and ship manufacturer… not just a brand. We have invested millions in our estate, plant, technology, systems and people to control and ensure we deliver on our quality, quantity and deadline promises.

Our privately owned facilities span over 50,000 Sq. Ft. and are driven by over 250 trained & experienced operatives. We are a flexible powerhouse of high mix, medium volume capacity with a UK and global wide client base.

Absolutely, we are committed to our industry and take great pride in our highly regarded reputation for service, methods and quality. To action our commitment, our certifications include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & UL/CSA.

Established over 40 years ago and growing year on year, every decision we take contributes to our robust growth strategy. We believe in true partnerships, working closely with our clients to achieve mutual long term success.

With over £4m already invested in plant, systems & technology our production floors are a finely tuned hybrid of automated and hands-on production. We’re designed from the ground up to be competitive, why not find out by asking for a quote?

10 Key Considerations When Selecting
An Overmolding Partner


Mould Design



Heating Time

Vacuum Pressure


Cycle Time

Trimming & Waste

Quality Control

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For over three decades, Cornelius Electronics has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality, robust and customised Vacuum Thermoformed Mouldings to an array of industries. Operating from our dedicated 5,000 square feet forming facilities, equipped with an impressive suite of large and mid-format vac-form machines. Offering forming areas ranging from 800mm to 2000mm, Cornelius stands as a powerhouse in vacuum-formed plastics supply.

Our dedicated team of operators, combined with readily available or bespoke tooling, accommodates materials ranging from 1mm to 10mm in thickness. With the added capabilities of 5 & 3 axis CNC cutting and an array of hand-finishing services, Cornelius is the top choice for thermoform solutions. Our versatility extends across various verticals, including EV & Automotive, Industrial Machinery, Medical, Aerospace, Rail, and Renewable sectors.

At Cornelius Electronics, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to providing reliable and continuous supply to a broad spectrum of industries. Whether you are in the Electric Vehicle sector, manufacturing Industrial Machinery, contributing to advancements in Medical technology, navigating the Aerospace industry, driving innovation in Rail transportation, or spearheading developments in Renewable sectors, our vacuum forming services are tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Shape the growth of your business by forging an airtight partnership with Cornelius. Experience the precision, quality, and reliability that have been the hallmarks of our vacuum forming, thermoforming, and industrial-size forming services for over three decades.

Cornelius, over 30 years of producing Vacuum Thermoformed mouldings.

If you're looking for an upgrade to your current manufacturing partner or a review of your existing product range, contact Cornelius Electronics today.

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Form an air tight plastics partnership with Cornelius Electronics Ltd.

A team of dedicated ‘can-do’ professionals who will support you in driving your projects and ideas into a deliverable reality.

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