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The image shows a large number of electrical connectors and coiled cables. The connectors are primarily white with blue accents, featuring multiple sockets, likely designed to accommodate spade or similar connectors. The black coiled cables suggest flexibility and potential use in environments where length variability is an advantage, like in telephone handsets or other electronic devices that require movement. The background is blurred with hints of blue, focusing the attention on the connectors in the foreground. The abundance and disarray of the connectors indicate a storage or supply setting, perhaps in an electronics workshop or manufacturing facility.
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Cornelius is your sustainable production partner to enable your business to prosper and grow. Speed to market can make or break a business. A 12-week supply chain can result in missed opportunities and unwanted stock.

Agile Global Partner.

Cornelius Electronics is an agile supply chain partner, able to support global production requirements & partner on projects in 2 weeks or less.
We can support your Wiring Harness, Cable Assembly, Box Build, Overmolding and Vacuum Forming requirements from our UK production facility, wherever you are in the world.

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