IPC Re-Certified for Success in 2021

The image presents a variety of cables and electronic connectors arranged against a white background. In the foreground, there's a prominent circular connector, often seen in industrial or military applications, which can provide a secure and robust connection. There are several cables with D-sub connectors, commonly used for serial and video connections. Some cables have labels indicating specifications or destinations. A grouping of bare wire terminals is visible, likely intended for a screw or terminal block connection. The assortment of cables and connectors suggests that these are meant for a specialized electronic setup, such as a computer system, industrial machinery, or aerospace equipment, reflecting careful organization and the potential for a high level of complexity in the connected system.

Cornelius Team Re-Certified for Success in 2021.
Five senior team members have recently re-certified as certified IPC trainers under IPC / WHMA-A-620 CIT requirements and acceptance for cable and wire harness assemblies.

The team will ensure that IPC standards are met throughout the business by facilitating in house training to other team members.

As part of this certification we can support our customers with certification and welcome the opportunity to support those who are interested in receiving the support of Cornelius in their endeavours to gain IPC certification.

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